With Amnesia Scanner & Vincent De Belleval, Bill Kouligas & Spiros Hadjidjanos, M.E.S.H. & Michael Guidetti, mobilegirl, Physical Therapy & Florian Ludwig, TCF, Claire Tolan und Why Be

curated by Jens Balzer and Martin Hossbach in cooperation with Henrike Werner

For an evening and a night, six influential figures within the Berlin-based electro-pop avant-garde take over the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. At the Main Stage, at Roter Salon and the different foyers, they will create new and exclusive multimedia works that move far beyond the mundane presentational format in which the artist stands motionless onstage in front of a laptop and calls forth preprogrammed sounds. Bill Kouligas, known as producer for and director of the culturally groundbreaking record label PAN, and the artist Spiros Hadjidjanos present an audio-visual concert installation including operatic vocalists and active wireless routers extending in space with optical fibers. James Whipple, aka M.E.S.H., combines his bare-bones, yet peculiarly shimmering hybrids of hip-hop, industrial, and techno with an immersive 3d-science-fiction-video-epos and programmed laser, created in cooperation with the artist Michael Guidetti. The mysterious duo of Amnesia Scanner transforms the Volksbühne main stage into a living, fire breathing organism. The artist and hacker, Claire Tolan, presents a role-playing game founding on ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. The breakbeat producer Daniel Fisher, aka Physical Therapy, presents „Club“, a custom designed perfume that evokes the club itself – the particular olfactory web featuring sweat, dirt, cigarette ash, piss, beer, cocktails and cum. Lars Holdhus, aka TCF, will direct a choir of 3d printed throats and serve aged puerh tea from 1990 and before. And last but not least, the aftershow party in Roter Salon presents two of the most promising young DJ talents based in Berlin, Bao-Tran Tran, aka mobilegirl, and Tobias Lee, aka Why Be, with their hectic and cathartic post-internet-club-music-styles.

Co-produced by Münchner Kammerspiele.




Großes Haus

21:40 M.E.S.H. & Michael Guidetti

22:20 Bill Kouligas & Spiros Hadjidjanos

23:30 Amnesia Scanner & Vincent De Belleval

Rechtes Seitenfoyer

21:10 - 00:00 Physical Therapy & Florian Ludwig


21:10 - 21:30 Claire Tolan

23:00 - 23:20 Claire Tolan

Roter Salon

21:10 - 21:30 TCF

23:00 - 23:20 TCF

00:00 - 05:00 Aftershowparty: Why Be, mobilegirl

Gefördert mit Mitteln des Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin.